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Carmel Diagnostics Ltd

Carmel Diagnostics Ltd

Company: Carmel Diagnostics Ltd
Name: Tzali Cnaani
Designation: CEO
Country: Israel
Address: -
Tel: -
Mobile: +972 50 7234525
Fax: +972 4 9534544
Technology Classification: Life Sciences, Diagnostics
Main Business Activity: R&D, Clinical Trials, Manufacturing

Company Profile, Products & Technologies, Target Market:

Carmel Diagnostics is a healthcare company that is developing and commercializing a proprietary, innovative method of measuring oxidative stress and oxidizability. The company was established by management buy-out of the technology and know-how of Lumitest Ltd.

The TCL Analyzer is a new device which rapidly measures oxidative stress across all biological samples. It is compact, and low-cost and easy to use, enabling point-of-care analysis by healthcare professionals with no special training. The oxidative stress test provides important predictive data for a wide range of conditions. It can also be used to evaluate the effectiveness of a particular treatment over the course of its administration. TCL Analyzer can be used to optimize the selection process when choosing embryos for transfer. Initial tests have shown that measuring the oxidative profile of the medium surrounding the embryos using TCL can predict which embryos have a higher chance of successful implantation.

Brief description of proposed R&D project:

There is a significant incentive for improving IVF success rates. Primarily - enhancing the selection process of embryos, to identify those which have the highest probability of successful transfer. Currently, embryos are selected based on morphological observation (evaluating the embryo's form and structure). We suggest building a system for objective assessment and grading of the embryo, based on measuring the oxidative profile of the medium, This is based on successful study that showed significant correlation between TCL Analyzer's parameters and pregnancy success. Among the numerous benefits which would be derived from improving IVF success rates are: Reduction in the time, expense and mental and physical ordeal associated with repeat IVF procedures. Supporting the SET (single embryo transplant) trend, which reduces the incidence, costs and medical risk associated with multiple births (more than 1/3 of births from current IVF methods).

Desired Profile of R&D Partner and its role in the proposed project:

The Company seeks strategic partnership with a well established company active in the area of reproduction technologies that has existing marketing channels, a skilled sales force, professional infrastructure and thorough knowledge of the market and its needs. A potential partnership would be able to take advantage of external financing sources such as international and bi-national funds. In addition to its economic viability, the fertility-enhancing application provides added value to the community's welfare which would make it eligible for European community funds for further R&D. Major company active in Diagnostics area, or company involved in reproduction/IVF products or services.

The partner will be responsible for planning, conducting and analysis of clinical studies that will prove and form the embryo selection application parameters.

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