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Salio Nanotechnologies Ltd

Salio Nanotechnologies Ltd

Company: Salio Nanotechnologies Ltd
Name: Omer Eiferman
Designation: CEO
Country: Israel
Address: -
Tel: + 972 8 9396999
Mobile: -
Fax: +972 8 9396999
Technology Classification: Nano technology, Smart Materials
Main Business Activity: Diagnostics, Coatings, Chromatography
Company Profile, Products & Technologies, Target Market:
  Salio was established in 2005 to develop novel smart materials, also referred to as “Stimuli Responsive Materials (SRMs)”. Salio has applied its unique platform technology to the development of artificial receptors with biorecognition functions toward a new generation of stable biomimetic antibodies suitable for diagnostic kits.

As is the case with natural molecular recognition (antibodies, enzymes, and receptors), artificial systems can be prepared including the required patterns of steric (shape and size) and electrostatic (charge) complementarity. Some of the advantages of artificial over natural receptors include: similar affinity but often better selectivity, enhanced stability at lower/higher pHs, pressure and temperature, can work in aqueous as well as in organic solvents, can be prepared for practically any compound and are compatible with microfabrication. In addition they are relatively inexpensive (less than 1/10 of cost).
Brief description of proposed R&D project:
  In order to leverage and further develop Salio’s artificial receptor technology we are seeking a strong partner to complete the integration and adaptation of our diagnostics polymer into a commercial product.

We are looking to a joint development with a Diagnostics company in order to integrate Salio's technology into the partner kits and create a novel diagnostics capability.
Desired Profile of R&D Partner and its role in the proposed project:
  • Profile of ideal technology partner – medium to large diagnostics company with annual sales over $200M
  • Core technological competencies and expertise – development of diagnostics kits for labs, researchers, doctor offices, personal diagnostics
  • Other essential qualifications (e.g. ownership, track record)
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