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SHAMA Technologies Pte Ltd

SHAMA Technologies Pte Ltd

Company: SHAMA Technologies Pte Ltd
Name: Stephen Soon
Designation: Engineering Director
Country: Singapore
Address: -
Tel: +65-6776-4006
Mobile: +65-9789-8329
Fax: +65 -6773-5056
Technology Classification: Acoustics & Vibration. Environmental monitoring
Main Business Activity: Engineering Solution and Services

Company Profile, Products & Technologies, Target Market:

Engineering company providing 1-stop noise & vibration control solution. Provides design, supply and product installation for defence, transportation, MNCs, civil & construction, buildings , marine/ship builder, aerospace industries.

Desired Profile of R&D Partner and its role in the proposed project:

Interested in co-developing solutions relating to road and railway noise barrier, transparent acoustic absorption material, earthquake early warning system, and active noise cancellation Window ( building).

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SIIRD promotes, facilitates and funds joint industrial R&D collaboration between Singapore-based companies and Israel-based companies.

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"Our cooperation with APN Nutripharm in Singapore brings us very close to a new cosmetic product for the exciting Asian market. SIIRD brought us together, and through its continuous support we benefit from the technological and marketing synergy of both companies."
- Mr. Eyal Weinstein, CEO
Leorex Ltd