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Company: Project-RAY
Name: Boaz Zilberman
Designation: CEO
Country: Israel
Address: -
Tel: -
Mobile: +972 54 6817316
Fax: -
Technology Classification: Wireless
Main Business Activity: Services for the visually impaired

Company Profile, Products & Technologies, Target Market:

Project-RAY aims to develop an integrated portable device, RAY. It consists of unique services and applications designed to assist the community of visually impaired people and their families in their daily lives. RAY leverages on the latest smartphone technologies (multiple sensors, camera, compass and audio) as well as the regular communication services (phone, messaging and email) to make everyday duties easier, increase independence, enrich social life and improve the accessibility of essential services.

RAY is designed for easy usage by blind people. As a platform, it provides basic computing capabilities, range of sensors and a unique user interface layer that is designed to use in eye-free mode. On top of this platform, we enable a range of utilities that are essential for blind people on-the-go including communications, navigation, link to online audio-books libraries, recording facilities and remote assistance.

Brief description of proposed R&D project:

Currently, RAY is in Alpha testing with the community of blind users in Israel. The release day for the product in Israel is October 2012.

The project with the Singapore partner is localization and the building of country-specific utilities. As an example for the technologies that have to be developed locally are - text-to-speech engine, local geo mapping, integration into libraries for blind people and more.

We are looking for a partner with previous exposure to the market of the visually impaired and blind people. The goal is to co-develop supporting technologies and to distribute it in local markets.

Role of Requesting Company in Proposed R&D Project:

Developers and distribution. RAY is a platform on which we can add applications and services to support the community and thier family members.

Desired Profile of R&D Partner and its role in the proposed project:

Developer of accessibility related products for the visually impaired.

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"We have been developing educational products for children with special needs in Israel and with the assistance of the SIIRD programme, we have found an established Singapore partner and are currently collaborating with them to develop educational products that will help more children with special needs in the English speaking countries."
- Gila Ben-Har, CEO
Center for Educational Technology, Israel