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AquaMor Technologies Ltd

AquaMor Technologies Ltd

Company: AquaMor Technologies Ltd
Name: Dr. Raanan Ariav
Designation: Professional Manager
Country: Israel
Address: -
Tel: +972 4 6291833
Mobile: -
Fax: +972 4 6390957
Technology Classification: Aquaculture
Main Business Activity: Disease Prevention in Aquaculture

Company Profile, Products & Technologies, Target Market:

AquaMor Technologies is an Israeli company that provides cost-effective solutions to the aquaculture industry. AquaMor's solutions are based on innovative formulations of organic compounds derived from plants and proved in field tests and in operational use. Dany Neifeld and Dr. Raanan Ariav, AquaMor's founders, combine entrepreneurial experience, expertise in fish health management and many years of experience in implementing innovative products and techniques in aquaculture.

AquaMor is developing 4 different lines of products, all designed to improve health conditions of fish and other aquatic species.

  • Liquid formulation for treatment and prevention of bacterial, parasitic and fungal diseases
  • Slow-release formulation for long-term prevention of bacterial, parasitic and fungal diseases
  • Liquid formulation for induction of anesthesia in fish
  • Feed additive formulation

Brief description of proposed R&D project:

AquaMor's technology is based on plant extracts and formulations whose main purpose is prevention of diseases in fish and other aquatic species. The products are applied to the feed and the water in which fish and other aquatic species are grown.

AquaMor's main R & D project is focused on development of a unique feed additive and immune enhancer for Fish and Shrimp.

Based on Singapore's reputation as a leading worldwide producer ofedible and ornamental fish, we would like to establish a long-term cooperation with a Singapore based company for the purpose of joint R&D work that may lead to joint marketing and commercialization of our aquaculture products in South – East Asia.

Role of Requesting Company in Proposed R&D Project:

- Definition of target species which are of economic interest (e.g. shrimp, pangasius, tilapia) 
- Definition of the application stadium (larvae pp.) 
- In Vitro testing of several AquaMor formulations: (Bacteriology) 
- In – Vivo testing (wet – lab) of several AquaMor formulations: 
      o Effect on performance: 
      o Effect on disease resistance: 
- In – Vivo testing (field) of several AquaMor formulations: 
      o Effect on performance: 
      o Effect on disease resistance: 
- Testing of formula in the following species: 
      o Tilapia: 
      o Koi: 
      o Guppies: 
      o Sea Bream: 
      o Sea Bass 
- Target animal safety: 
- Dose conformation: 

Desired Profile of R&D Partner and its role in the proposed project:

The Singapore based company will be in charge of all the development necessary for incorporate the active ingredients, provided by AquaMor in fish feed. The development will include all microencapsulation processes as well as the development and modification of all exciepents in order to optimize the biopesticide efficiency and stability. 

- Development of various modes to prevent lose of activity due to extrusion (heat) processes 
- Performance of formulation tests (stability under feed processing condition) 
- Development of all microencapsulation processes to obtain process stable products 
- Develop solutions to protect the feed additive in the acidic environment of the stomach of carnivorous fish such as Sea Bass. 
- Development of anti-oxidative compounds which will be part of the final feed additive formulation

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