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Company: InoLact
Name: Kobi Halabi
Designation: CEO
Country: Israel
Address: -
Tel: -
Mobile: +972 54 3347788
Fax: -
Website: -
Technology Classification: EIT / Bio Impedance technology
Main Business Activity: Development, Manufacturing & Marketing

Company Profile, Products & Technologies, Target Market:

Breastfeeding is the healthiest form for feeding an infant. However, while most of the mothers start breastfeed, the majority of them abandon breastfeeding during the first months after birth due to the mother's uncertainty whether her baby gets enough milk. 

InoLact develops MyFeed, a real-time monitoring device that measures the amount of milk that the baby consumes during breastfeeding. MyFeed is simple to use, does not create any barrier between the mother and the baby, does not interfere with breastfeeding, and maintains all the breastfeeding advantages. 

MyFeed is based on non-invasive Bio-Impedance Analysis patent pending technology. BIA is a safe, proven and radiation-free technology that has been approved for use on people in hospitals and at home. 

MyFeed addresses especially for first time moms in the developed markets in North America, Europe and South-East Asia. 

Brief description of proposed R&D project:

Status: InoLcat developed an experimental system and a prototype Alpha. Initial tests with a group of lactating women have shown to be consistent and accurate, detecting changes of 2-3cc of milk intake. 

We have also conducted surveys with lactating moms using a functional mockup that we've designed. The surveys help us with designing the final product to suit to our customers' needs. 

InoLact is currently based in Israel and has a global versatile team of experts in the technology, medical, marketing, and endorsement fields. The team works in synergy and has the experience of bringing MyFeed to the market. 

Plans: The following product development phase, possibly with a Singaporean partner, mainly includes: conducting clinical trials, design for serial production, and preliminary marketing and endorsement efforts. 

Role of Requesting Company in Proposed R&D Project:

InoLact has the competence and skills for managing the project, developing MyFeed and bringing it to market. 

InoLact's Co-Founder and CEO, Kobi Halabi, holds a B.Sc. in Mechanical Engineering and has 11 years experience in project management and development of multidisciplinary systems from conceptual stage to serial production stage. 

InoLact's Co-Founder and VP R&D, Nissim Halabi, completing a Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering, and has 8 years experience in research and development of advanced technologies in communications and signal processing. 

InoLact seeks a partner that can contribute us with either of the following aspects: (1) channeling and marketing, (2) clinical trials and regulation, or (3) electronic design and manufacturing. 

Desired Profile of R&D Partner and its role in the proposed project:

We are interested in a contributing partner such as: 

(1) Strategic partner, preferred with a known and recognized brand in the world or Asia, with an established channeling system in the pharma field or baby care field. The strategic partner will contribute with marketing and sales efforts. 
(2) A medical institution (e.g., hospitals) with baby care departments and ability to conduct clinical trials. The partner will be responsible for conducting the clinical trials in the development and proof of MyFeed. 
(3) Electronics manufacturer of medical devices with regulatory capabilities and serial production lines. The partner will contribute with design for serial production, manufacturing and assembly of final product. 
(4) A research / academic institute with bio-medical department who has experience with BIA or EIT technologies. The institute will contribute in research and analyzing data of experiments from clinical trials. 

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