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HeadSense Medical Ltd

HeadSense Medical Ltd

Company: HeadSense Medical Ltd
Name: Guy Weinberg
Designation: -
Country: Israel
Address: -
Tel: -
Mobile: +972 54 4809445
Fax: -
Technology Classification: Medical device
Main Business Activity: Non-invasive ICP monitor

Company Profile, Products & Technologies, Target Market:

Intra cranial pressure (ICP) monitoring is an essential diagnostic tool for the efficient treatment of patients with severe traumatic brain injury (TBI), stroke, and brain tumors. Accurate diagnostic and monitoring of ICP is essential in neurosurgery, neurology, intensive care, and emergency medicine.

The current gold standard for ICP measurement is insertion of a pressure sensor to the skull using a catheter. This procedure is very invasive and can cause complications including infections and bleeding.

There are currently more than 3 million patients in the U.S. alone and more than 15 million worldwide, suffering from traumatic brain injuries (TBI), stroke, and brain tumors. Due to the invasive nature of the current procedure, only 200,000 studies are done in the U.S. alone, and our goal is to increase the number of ICP monitoring procedures by offering a non-invasive alternative.

HeadSense’s ICP monitor is a non-invasive device for continuous ICP monitoring.

Brief description of proposed R&D project:

We are looking for partners that can help us with Clinical Research.

Desired Profile of R&D Partner and its role in the proposed project:

We are looking for either hospitals or CRO companies.

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"The SIIRD program has enabled Kamedis to develop a unique product in cooperation with APN Singapore. We believe that the program has contributed the optimal framework for such cooperation and the SIIRD team has provided tremendous support at all stages of the process."
- Vered Caplan, CEO
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