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House of Veterinary Doctors Ltd

House of Veterinary Doctors Ltd

Company: House of Veterinary Doctors Ltd
Name: Nadav Merhavi, Eytan Kreiner
Designation: -
Country: Israel
Address: -
Tel: +972-8-9264554
Mobile: -
Fax: -
Technology Classification: Biotechnology
Main Business Activity: -

Company Profile, Products & Technologies, Target Market:

The House of Veterinary Doctors is a company devoted to veterinary care of pets. The company serves as a center for research in the field of veterinary medicine (stem cells, innovative treatment of prostate pathologies and much more) as well as an educational center for future veterinarians and nature preservation activists.

Brief description of proposed R&D project:

The House of Veterinary Doctors is forming the first ever veterinary stem cells bank. The bank will allow, for the very first time, the production and clinical use of differentiated stem cells for the treatment of various illnesses in animals (e.g bone and ligaments pathologies). The production of stem cells will involve the use of innovative laboratory methods with the help of Professor Dan Gazit and Doctor Zulma Gazit from the Hebrew University. The Gazit group are well known internationally in the field of stem cell research.

Desired Profile of R&D Partner and its role in the proposed project:

The partner should be involved in Biotechnological R&D programs and with established financial capabilities. As the project involves cell biology and veterinary aspects, a partner with established experience in these areas would be advantageous. In addition, a well established business and commercial contacts are essential.

The partnering company should be privately owned. The number of employees should be no more than 1000. The partnering company should be involved in biotechnological projects. House of Veterinary Doctors’ main interests are in cell biology, cell storage and genetic manipulation of cells. If the company has experience in stem cells, it would be advantageous.

It is not a necessity that the company is involved in veterinary services alone, a company involved in human biotechnological projects could also be a potential partner. Contact relations with educational institutions (vet/human hospitals or universities) would be advantageous.

Local veterinarians could be potential partner. The local vet should have minimal experience in R&D projects, some kind of innovative product and a large variety of clients.

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