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Sepcom Ltd

Company: Sepcom Ltd
Name: Moshe Gavish
Designation: VP R&D
Country: Israel
Address: -
Tel: -
Mobile: +972-4-9911616
Fax: +972-4-9550402
Technology Classification: Medical Application, Homecare, Telemedicine, Location Tracking and Solar Energy
Main Business Activity: System Engineering Projects

Company Profile, Products & Technologies, Target Market:

Sepcom is an R&D company that employs around 30 people most of them engineers and technicians. 80% of company activity is connected to R&D projects. Main activity in electronics, software, electro optics, mechanics and communication.

After success in developing systems as a subcontractor, management decided to start working in cooperation with other companies on joint R&D.

We have gained experience in communication, navigation, electro optics and sensors. We are able to integrate hardware and software and build a whole working system.

We are mainly interested in the following three areas:

Medical Application
We are trying to use our knowledge for medical applications. We have seen a great oportunity in Optronic-Acoustic Skin Aging Measurement. Sepcom can develop a good mesurement unit for skin condition. More information on this proposed plan can be found below.

Homecare, Telemedicine and all Place Location
We are exploring to add to our GPS location system a new Dead Reckoning (DR) that will enable to locate a person both in open area and in closed building, or a shopping mall. More information on this proposed plan can be found below.

Solar Energy
We are interested to develop a High Efficiency Concentrator PV Solar System. More information on this proposed plan can be found below.

Brief description of proposed R&D project:

Medical Application
Optronic-Acoustic Skin Aging Measurement - OASAM
Super-Spectral optical reflection and 2D Acoustic elastic measurements of human skin properties. Skin illness prevention and early disease detection. Tests for evaluation of human skin condition for cosmetic treatments of skin age effects, and advance cream effectiveness.

Plastic skin procedure clinics - US$9B
Cosmetic Market - US$24B
Medical Market - US$7B

Homecare, Telemedicine and all Place Location
There is a great need for a telemedicine system that will be small, personal, and supply continuous medical output that is transferred to a central control center. The system must be small lightweight and comfortable, in certain cases it must also be concealed.

When wireless communication is used we need also exact location, both in open area and in closed area like houses and shopping malls. Our proposed system will include also GPS and Dead Reckoning for all place location.

Solar Energy
Solar energy is one of the leading candidates to replace fossil fuel as an alternative energy source. As price and performance of PV cells is a critical parameter to control cost of solar energy our method of spectral matching can reduce price of PV cell and size of solar field considerably.

Desired Profile of R&D Partner and its role in the proposed project:

Medical Application
Partner should have knowledge in acoustics and perform elastic measurements of human skin properties, or have good connections in the cosmetics market, or have medical knowledge in clinical skin procedures

Homecare, Telemedicine and all Place Location
R&D partner that has access to homecare or telemedicine market.

Solar Energy
Partner should have connection in the alternative energy market.Partner should be able to perform efficiency measurements, environmental evaluation, quality licenses ,and prepare a marketing program.

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"The SIIRD mechanism provides a unique blend of funding to defray R&D costs and partnership with Israeli companies. The partnership with CET in Israel created immense synergy through their deep knowledge, experience, and enthusiasm.  For these reasons, SIIRD has a unique value proposition that is difficult to replicate even using other government funding mechanisms."
- Dr. Ori Sasson, CEO
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